Large Engagements & General Notes Library – Version 2.1

PenTest.WS v2.1 brings the much anticipated Large Engagements capability to Pro Tier, supporting Engagements with thousands, or tens of thousands of Hosts in a single Engagement. Additionally, Hobby Tier receives the new General Notes Library!

Large Engagements – Pro Tier

With Pro Tier’s new Large Engagement support, a single Engagement can easily handle thousands, or tens of thousands of Hosts. Need to import an Nmap scan of a /20 network? An entire Class B network? No problem.

Several systems have been updated in Pro Tier to work with such large network ranges:

  • Import XML – the import routine now shows it’s progress log in real time, giving you live feedback of the Hosts & Ports the system is either creating or updating as it works its way through your XML file.
  • Infinite Scrolling – the application now implements infinite scrolling, only loading enough Hosts to fill the page. As you scroll through various lists, more Hosts are loaded in the background until all Hosts are displayed. The affected systems are:
    • Application’s Main Sidebar
    • Boards
    • Matrix
    • Subnets
  • Updated Matrix – filtering by operating system, flags, ports or keywords now effects all Host list queries for a faster and more intuitive user experience. Looking for systems with port 80 or 443 running Linux? Set your Matrix and the Sidebar, Boards & Subnets screens will also be filtered.
  • Boards – combined with the Matrix, you can create boards such as “Web Servers” and easily move all of your port 80/443 Hosts. Want to break up 4,094 Hosts into ten Boards? Use the “Auto Distribute” feature, now compatible with Infinite Scrolling.
  • Subnets – using the web servers example we’ve been discussing, jump over to the Subnets screen and copy the “IPs – One Per Line” field into a file for EyeWitness and speed up your recon.

Note: the Large Engagement mod is only available in Pro Tier’s stand-alone application and is not available through our online platform at

General Notes Library

All the functionality of Scratchpad, but for general notes not specifically related to a Host:

  • Code editing with syntax highlighting for over 150 programming languages.
  • Hierarchical file structure with drag-and-drop.
  • Download files through the browser or using wget/curl/downloadstring.
  • Instantly switch between code & rich text editing.
  • Import CherryTree XML files!

Your new General Notes Library is a great place to store your favorite pieces of C# code, common or rarely used procedural steps, or your exciting new research ideas and references. General Notes are linked to your account and not associated with an Engagement.

General Notes Library is available on Hobby Tier and Pro Tier, with limited access from Free Tier.

For a full feature comparison between PenTest.WS Tiers, visit

Also New In Version 2.1

  • New Credential Fields
    Credential records now have “domain” and “notes” fields
  • Ignore-Cert
    Pro Tier has a new command line option “–ignore-cert” which allows the stand-alone application to function behind an HTTPS inspection proxy
  • Misc Bug Fixes
    You can submit bug reports to [email protected]

Thanks for reading!
PenTest.WS Development Team